Philly Give and Get;
About the Charity Auction

Philly Give & Get is a charity “date” auction that combines professional networking with community engagement. Bring some cash and a desire to go on an adventure and learn something new. You’ll meet awesome people, support an outstanding Philly nonprofit, and learn a valuable skill… all in one event.

It’s like a date, but for professionals
No smooching required!


About Philly Give & Get

Philly Give & Get was incubated at Indy Hall, a coworking space in Philadelphia that encourages its members to take risks and solve problems with creativity. In keeping with our founding spirit, all proceeds from our events are donated to nonprofit recipients that help young people in Philadelphia grow, learn, and create great things…together.

Supporting your local nonprofit community has never been so easy…and fun! Our volunteers and sponsors are the wind beneath our wings. Your sponsorship can ensure that 100% of ticket sales and auction proceeds go directly towards supporting a local charity that helps kids.

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