What a rush!

Thanks to YOUR generosity, 120 awesome young Philadelphians will learn digital media at Scribe Video Center!

We did this together.

$7,300+ to fund creative enrichment programs for kids
250 philanthropists at Johnny Brenda’s
45 local partners and sponsors paying it forward
16 Maker Experts committing a collective 32 hours to educating their community
new digital media workshops teaching kids how to tell their own stories, in their own ways


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of our attendees, Expertssponsors, and volunteers!

(Especially Neil. A+ whistler, that Neil.)

We’re so glad that you came out to support and enjoy Philly Give & Get last Thursday, and we’re so very grateful for your remarkable contributions.Scribe Video Center is officially $7,346.99 better now than before, and Philadelphia is much richer from your giving spirit. 

We’d love to hear your feedback!Email lansie@phillygiveandget.org with comments, critiques, praise, and suggestions.

See you in April during Philly Tech Week 2014!

Until then, let’s keep in touch, yeah? YEAH!

X&O from Team G&G,
Lansie, Adam, Kara, Andrew, Kristyn, Karina, Mike, Chris, Susan & Nick

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