Philly Give and Get;

About Philly Give & Get

Philly Give & Get is a charity “date” auction that combines professional networking with community engagement. During a live auction event, attendees will have the opportunity to bid on “Lots” that feature charismatic local professionals (“Experts”) coupled with one-of-a-kind adventures within the Greater Philadelphia Area. It’s like a date, but for professionals. No smooching required.

The volunteers behind Philly Give & Get are dedicated to spreading good ideas, and helping awesome people do awesome things in the city of Philadelphia. All proceeds from our auctions go towards helping kids in Philadelphia.

Give a little.

Celebrate the people, places and things that make Philadelphia great! Bring some cash and a sense of adventure, and spend a Thursday night out-bidding your friends at one of our “date” auction at one of our favorite local watering holes.

100% of your hard-earned cash is going to a damn good cause: all proceeds from our auctions go towards helping kids in Philadelphia because all of the “Lots” have been donated by wonderful local sponsors that believe in our cause.

Get a Lot.

“Professional networking functions” can be awkward places filled with bad Chardonnay and even worse conversations. Philly Give & Get takes the awkwardness out of networking.

No need to cold-call a consultant, break the ice, and suggest a meeting spot…we’ve done all that for you. Place the winning bid on a Give & Get “Lot” and you could be learning web design while on a trapeze, or video production while petting a sting ray.