Philly Give & Get is honored to welcome Heather Schmerman to our event!

Heather is an American Sign Language Instructor, and will be translating the Give & Get Auction into ASL so that deaf and hard of hearing individuals will be able to participate and enjoy our live event.

She will also be working with ASL students, who will help translate as well. You may recognize this awesome team from their participation in the most recent Ignite Philly event!

Heather Schmerman is originally from Chicago and has lived in Australia, California, Colorado and is now a resident of Philadelphia. She grew up participating in lots of theatre productions, which inspired a life-long passion.

She is also a dedicated traveler, and has been to eleven different countries. She loves learning about different foods, cultures, languages, and arts while traveling.

Heather is currently an American Sign Language Instructor at four different schools: Delaware Valley Friend School, Saint Joseph University, Delaware County Community College, and the Community College of Philadelphia. She is also an active American Sign Language consultant for theatre interpreters.

THANK YOU to Heather and her students for making Philly Give & Get an inclusive, welcoming event for many different people. We are so lucky to have you!

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