Our new auction lots for the Philly Give & Get: DESIGN Edition event offer you a chance to show off to your Pinterest pals. Go one step further than do-it-yourself: design your own! Top Philly artisans will teach you their craft in personalized, hands-on meet-ups. Together, you’ll create awesome stuff, made even more awesome by the fact that you designed and made it yourself

The Line Up

Event attendees will have the opportunity to bid on PRIVATE, ONE-OF-A-KIND CLASSES with an amazing roster of Philly Designers of all styles and stripes, including…

Design Your Own River Adventure
Victoria Guidi, Jesus Castro & Patrick McGettigan, Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory

Design Your Own Outdoor Oasis

Alex Gilliam, Public Workshop
Erica Maust & Andrew Olson, Chicory Florals

Design Your Own Philadelphia Walking Tour

Austin Seraphin, iOS Accessibility Consultant
Conrad Benner, Streets Dept
Jenn Hensell, Free Tours By Foot

Design Your Own Cup of Coffee
Mark Capriotti & Mark Corpus, ReAnimator Coffee
Nate Mell & Wynn Bauer, Felt + Fat

Design Your Own Beer Tasting

Mat Falco, Philly Beer Scene

Design Your Own PB&J
Megan Gibson, PB&Jams
Molly Haendler, Spruce Hill Preserves
Shayna Marmar, Honeypie Cooking

Design Your Own Podcast

Len Webb, Kennedy Allen, Erik Darden, Randy Green & Jason Richardson aka THE BLACK TRIBBLES!
Donnie Felton, Grubby Little Hands

Design Your Own Wardrobe
Rachel Ford, Made Studios
Violette Carb, Victrix Apparel

Design Your Own Ice Cream
Pete Angevine, Martin Brown & Jeffrey Ziga, Little Baby’s Ice Cream

This list is proof positive that Philly is a place of innovators, makers and doers. The PG&G team is so jazzed to feature these guys in our auction lots—especially since we’re all doing it in support of the kids of Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory, who’ll be our next generation of designers. (Making and sailing their own boats: KIDS TODAY.)

If you haven’t yet, grab your tickets to Philly Give & Get: DESIGN Edition here!

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