We recently heard from some of the students at PCAT, who are pretty excited about summer camp:

“At summer camp I will have fun, behave, do fun things on the computer and that’s all. AWESOME.”

“What I want to do at summer camp is do lots of art!”

“At summer camp I will care for my friends.”

“At summer camp I will go on fun trips. I will do hiking and have fun. I will play with my friends. I will sleep in tents.”

“At summer camp I will have a lot of fun, swimming, farming, doing nature and a lot of other fun things. It will be awesome.”

See all of the kids’ excellent summer camp plans on our Facebook page. 

Because of your donations, your involvement, and your enthusiasm, Philly Give & Get’s inaugural auction helped send 50 students to PCAT’s educational summer camp, where they will have a safe space to learn, grow, and play.

We’re pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.

Thanks for making it happen.

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