We’re looking for Experts to auction off during Philly Give & Get: MAKERS Edition!

Put simply, a Maker is anyone who makes or produces something. They are the people in Philadelphia who are creating, building, and inspiring others with their new solutions and inventions. They are the brewers, the bakers, and the candle-stick makers. They are farmers, manufacturers, bartenders, dancers, and fabricators.

Philadelphia is very lucky to have a vibrant Creative Economy. These innovators keep our city running, and we are here to celebrate them and amplify their work. We’re calling on all Makers, Do-ers, Creators, Inspire-ers, and Instigators to come celebrate the innovation, creativity, and JFDI-good-nature of Philadelphia.

What you’ll GIVE:

  • Two hours of your time during the CJ Dawson photo shoot on 9/7/13
  • Four hours of your time during the Live Auction Event on 10/10/13
  • Two hours of your time teaching an awesome new contact an awesome new skill


What you’ll GET:

  • Professional portraits by CJ Dawson Photography
  • The opportunity to reach over 250 prospective customers during the Auction
  • High visibility leading up to & during the Auction to promote your expertise
  • Substantial promotion on G&G’s social media and website leading up to, and following, the Auction
  • The opportunity to increase your professional network while also giving back to the community
  • A heroic amount of beer
  • And potentially, a Most Valued Philadelphian trophy and bragging rights


Interested? Of course you are!

Submit your SUPER DUPER EASY APPLICATION by August 19th for a chance at greatness.

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