The idea for Philly Give & Get came out of an encounter that I had as an Indy Hall Member.

Curious about the costs and benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I did what any millennial would do: I Googled it. And boy, did I find information…how to guides, incredibly sophisticated blog posts, rate sheets, data points…but nothing that answered my core questions:

    1. Was SEO even a good marketing choice for my website?
    2. How long would it take FOR REALSIES before I would see results?
    3. What SEO consultants are reliable, and which ones are full of hot air?

Luckily, Indy Hall has a Very Robust Community.

I put out a message (“Will trade fancy beers for SEO advice!”) and two days later I was enjoying an Abita with three SEO experts. In one hour with them, I learned more about SEO than in five hours of my own wayward Googling.

As an Indy Hall member, I am super lucky. I have access to an incredible community with 1.5 million different talents, all of whom are generous with their time.

But what about people who didn’t know all of these web design gurus and social media experts and digital communication mavens?

If you want to learn something, your options are to read about it on the Internet/in a book, or meet with a consultant at $150+ an hour, and they usually want you to hire them so they don’t tell you all the juicy good stuff anyway. Professional networking functions are often dull and awkward. Connecting on LinkedIn…well, I still don’t really understand how that works IRL (in real life).

BOOM. Philly Give & Get was born.

Leveraging the amazing community at Indy Hall and beyond, all of whom are generously donating their time, our goal is to create an event where people can have fun, connect with Experts, and learn something new.

A “date” auction for professionals, no smooching required. Creating community through shared experiences. Plus, all the money goes to charity.

I’ll drink to that.

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