Philly Give & Get’s Founder and Leader of the Pack, Lansie Sylvia, has been selected as a 2013 Social Impact Fellow for the Schwartz Family Penn Social Impact House!

As a Fellow, she’ll be joining 21 social innovators from more than 14 countries for an intensive social enterprise institute from August 12-25 in Great Barrington, MA.

The Fellows will be learning how to grow, design, and improve their social ventures alongside a distinguished group of academics and mentors.

From what we can tell, it’s like summer camp for adults, if the adults were all super nerdy about social enterprise and impact assessments.

(Impact assessments! This is going to be awesome!)

Lansie is honored to be selected as a Fellow, and to work on Philly Give & Get – a project that has so many amazing people supporting it, loving it, and making it happen.

Thanks to all of YOU for helping to make this the BEST SUMMER EVER!

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