Philly Give & Get is lucky to have an enthusiastic team of sponsors supporting our event on April 25th.

The sponsorship provided by these amazing local businesses ensures that we can give the maximum amount of money to our charity recipient, while also providing an awesome event for all of our attendees.

So tip your glasses towards these lovely people!

Meet our four “Sponsor-A-Round” supporters who are working hard to make sure YOU have a good time:

SEOM Interactive
SEOM Interactive is comprised of search engine and Internet marketing specialists who understand how to leverage the power of interactive media. Not only do they understand it, but they LOVE it. They enjoy getting to know each client’s challenges, goals and unique selling points.

Follow them on Twitter: @markkennedysem

Traffic Safety Store
The Traffic Safety Store is home to the highest quality traffic safety supplies on the internet. They carry thousands of traffic safety products and have served more than 50,000 customers worldwide, making them one of the largest distributors of traffic conesspeed bumps,safety vests and parking blocks. They are seriously committed to both American jobs and sustainable green manufacturing, with over 100 products manufactured in the United States and 20 products that are LEED qualified.

Follow them on Twitter: @TrafSafetyStore

Flyclops is a game studio located in Philadelphia, PA. They like making games that are intuitive, fun, and engaging, especially when it comes to playing with (or against) your friends. They are focused on making highly polished, visually enticing games. They sweat every action and every pixel.

Follow them on Twitter: @flyclops

Artisan is the first Mobile Experience Management platform that makes it easy to create and manage mobile experiences that drive retention, engagement, and revenue. When you work with them, you will be able to gain deep insights into user behavior, and quickly modify and publish changes in real-time without writing code or waiting for app store approvals.

Follow them on Twitter: @ArtisanMobile

Wanna be a superhero?
Sponsor-A-Round at Philly Give & Get on Thursday, April 25th!

Wanna pay it forward?
Donate to PCAT and get a free drink.



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