Thanks to the amazing generosity of our supporters on CrowdTilt, friends at Indy Hall, and enthusiastic family members, Philly Give & Get was able to take part in the Penn Social Impact House for two weeks in early August.

The experience was amazing, inspirational, and transformative. We learned so much that we’re going to be bringing to our MAKER Edition Auction on October 10 at Johnny Brenda’s! Here are some of the key takeaways:


Ask for help!

Sometimes the only way out of a maze is to raise your hand and ask for help. Doing everything on your own is overrated! Teamwork is the key to success.


Fail fast. Fail forward.

Failure is only detrimental to a project if you don’t learn something. Every “failure” in service or product design can be seen as iteration to move the project forward. Rapid prototyping can create lots of “failures” that ultimately propel a project to new possibilities and great heights.


The company you keep can keep you accountable.

Surrounding yourself with inspirational, driven people is like receiving a shot of adrenaline with every conversation. At the House, we had “accountabil-a-buddies” – dedicated partners that checked in every few days to make sure that each person was keeping pace with accomplishing their goals. Mine was Will Morris. Thank you, Will!


Group hugs are awesome.

I never knew it before, but I know it now.

group hug

Thank you to all of our amazing supporters, the mentors and organizers at PSIH, and all my fellow Fellows for creating a one-of-a-kind experience. Now…onto the MAKER EDITION!

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