We get invited to a lot of charity events, galas, dinners, silent auctions, balls, and “young friends of the ____________” cocktail parties, and we’re always shocked to see just how damn similar they all are…especially the ones aimed at so-called “millennials” or “next generation donors.”

You know the drill. Pay $125 for an evening of “cocktails and networking.” Bid on silent auction items ranging from gift certificates to a restaurant to…gift certificates to a hair salon. Sit a table filled with lawyers and bankers and eat cold canapés in a hotel conference room.

Leave without ever knowing how much money was raised, how much impact you had, or whether you even made a difference.

At Philly Give & Get, we say ENOUGH.

This is a manifesto.


Enough with the $125 “young friend” gala tickets.

If the nonprofit sector in Philadelphia (and beyond) wants to engage the next generation of donors, it needs to stop acting like the last generation of donors.

Create an event that we want to go to, not just a watered down version of the same old thing.

Enough with securing $100,000 in ticket sales to finance a gala event that only raises $25,000 for the charity.

For every ticket we are selling to the MAKER Edition Auction, 80% of that ticket price goes directly to our charity recipient: Scribe Video Center.

The remaining 20% goes to our Getting’ Sh*t Done Fund – the small amount of money we need to create contracts, buy a ream of colored paper to print tickets on, and find the perfect shade of Spray Paint Blue to blast our Auction Gavel with.

100% of all raffle proceeds and Winning Bids go to our charity recipient.

One. Hundred. Per. Cent.

Enough with offering business partners the privilege of “getting the brand in front of their target audience” for the low, low cost of $25,000 for a title sponsorship.

At Philly Give & Get, we believe that corporate partners should be donating $25,000 to the best nonprofits in Philadelphia, not giving it to us so we can rent out a banquet hall and serve a mediocre chicken dinner.

It costs us $5,000 to put on a good party, so we raise $5,000 in small chunks from local businesses who believe in our vision. Then, we throw a good party.

All of the volunteers? Doing it out of love. All of the Experts? Pro bono.


Enough with the black tie, red carpet snobbery.

Philly Give & Get was not created to give the same group of socialites another reason to wear a tuxedo.

We love you just the way you are. No need to dress up. No need to put on airs. Just show up, have a great time, and support a great cause.

At Philly Give & Get, we’re all philanthropy. No formality.

We don’t want you to “network.”

We want you to connect.

We are building the next generation of PHILLY PHILANTHROPISTS.

We’ll see you on 10/10/13.

Let’s do this.





  1. Allie Harcharek 09/30/2013, 8:00 pm Reply

    Oh HELL yeah. Let’s make some impact.

    • Lansie Sylvia 10/03/2013, 1:46 am Reply

      LET’S DO IT!!!

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