Design Your Own River Adventure
With Victoria Guidi, Jesus Castro, & Patrick McGettigan of Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory

You better get your sea legs—or river legs, rather—to go on this voyage. This season, Victoria, Jesus, and Patrick will meet you for coffee and bring along a river chart; together, you’ll design an afternoon of rowing, racing, or eco-touring. Then when the weather gets warm, they’ll fit you for a lifejacket, share their sunscreen, and take you out for an aquatic adventure!

Bring a small group of your friends (and a picnic!) aboard one of the beautiful Factory One-Design boats that has been meticulously crafted by their team of teenage apprentices. Then the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory team will use the course you’ve charted to bring you on a tour of the Delaware River, showcasing the Philadelphia waterfront in a way you’ve never seen it before!


  • A custom dinner by chef Peter Woolsey at his new restaurant, La Peg
  • Two Young Friends memberships to the Independence Seaport Museum
  • A selection of titles from Quirk Books, including Campfire Cuisine and The Action Hero’s Handbook


Meet Your Experts

Philly Give & Get experts span a wide range of creative, business, and technology backgrounds. All Philly G&G experts provide their time on a 100% volunteer basis and are committed to the vision of our organization.

Victoria Guidi, Jesus Castro & Patrick McGettigan | Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory
Areas of Expertise:

  • Maritime arts
  • Urban education
  • Tying elaborate knots

PWBF’s Bio

Bid It To Win It
October 9 at Johnny Brenda’s

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