The Crafters: Sara & Julia

For those with an eye for the arts, experience a day in the life of Philly mixed-media artist, Julia Blaukopf. Join her in the studio and learn the basics of grant writing and proposal design, discuss your artistic careers goals, walk through some hands-on design skills, and learn the strategies and direction you’ll need to pursue the path of a professional artist.

Then join Paradigm Gallery + Studio co-founder and fiber artist Sara McCorriston for a two-hour, customized crafting lesson. Enjoy a guided tour of her gallery and an opportunity to discuss the ins, outs, ups, and downs of fiber art, installation and sculpture art, and running your own fine art gallery.

But wait… There’s more!

  • Arrive to your maker date in style thanks to your $50 Uber credit.
  • Get on point with your crafting skills with a one hour needlepoint class at Rittenhouse Needlepoint; canvas, thread, refreshments and snacks are all included!
  • Looking for a little inspiration? With your new Patron Membership to the Barnes Foundation, you’ll have year-round access to Renoir, Matisse, Degas, and more, plus exclusive membership-only invitations to lectures, events, and evening performances. Gorgeous!
  • To further your artistic journey, you’ll also receive a Giant Book Bundle from celebrated local publishers Quirk Books:
  • Creepy Cute Crochet
  • Craft-a-Day
  • Witchcraft!
  • The Museum of Kitschy Stitches
  • Microcraft
  • Crafting with Cat Hair


Estimated Auction Lot Value: $625

Meet The Makers

Philly Give & Get experts span a wide range of creative, business, and technology backgrounds. All Philly G&G experts provide their time on a 100% volunteer basis and are committed to the vision of our organization.

Julia Blaukopf | Julia Blaukopf & Julia Pearl LLC, Imprinted Images

Area of Expertise:
Business in the Art of Photography, Photo-Based Design, Innovative Ways of Re-Envisioning Interior & Exterior Spaces

Julia Blaukopf is a photographer, artist and designer. She creates social art and focuses on visual storytelling through photographs, mixed media works, jewelry, large-scale fabric scrims, as well as photo-based tiles, wallpaper, window panels, and environmental installations. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally, in Munich, Holland and Copenhagen, as well as nationally, in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Portland, Oregon. In 2010, Julia launched Julia Pearl Designs LLC, an arts-products venture that pushes the boundaries to re- envision the possibilities for social art and photo-based products. Most recently, Blaukopf completed a photo-based wallpaper commission to create custom works for a Philadelphia restaurant, Goat Hollow.

Sara McCorriston | Paradigm Gallery + Studio | Sara McCorriston

Area of Expertise:
Crocheting, Sculptural Collage, Crocheting, Embroidery, Sewing, & Fabric Dying Techniques

SARA MCCORRISTON is originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA in Theatrical Design and Technology from the University of the Arts in 2009. Sara is a fibers, installation, sculpture and mixed media artist, as well as a costume designer. She is co-founder of Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia and also works as a curator for InLiquid Art + Design. Her recent visual works have been displayed at various galleries and venues around Philadelphia including: The Ice Box Project Space at The Crane Arts Building, Trust Gallery, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, URBN Gallery at 543, Broad Street Ministry, Paradigm Gallery, TrickGo Boutique, Masthead Print Studio and WAG. Sara has designed for local theater and dance companies including: Brian Sander’s JUNK, Bright Light Theatre Company, Kun-Yang Lin Dancers, Group Motion Dance Company and MIRO Dance Theatre.

SOLD! On October 10 at Johnny Brenda’s

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