The Mover & The Shaker: Todd & Tim

Want to turn a passion project into a profession? Get together with nonprofit and marketing guru Todd von Deak for a two-hour workshop on the science and art of growing your business. Todd has more than 15 years’ of experiences leading nonprofit organizations in the healthcare, recreation, and municipal services industries. You’ll get an honest, one-on-one conversation to review and engage the marketing techniques that may work best for your idea.

Then shake things up with web and IT whiz Tim Wisniewski, Director of Civic Technology for the City of Philadelphia. With a degree in Political Science from Richmond University in London and a background in computer programming, You and Tim will meet for a two-hour breakdown of how to use data to drive your organization’s outreach – even if you’re not a techie. He’ll review focused recommendations on free or very-low-cost software to solve or improve your business processes.

But wait… There’s more!

  • Arrive to your maker date in style thanks to your $50 Uber credit.
  • To help further your venture, you’ll also receive a one-hour consultation with local SEO guru Nick Eubanks, valued at $500. This SEO Consultation will include the review of one website and you’ll leave with no less than ten actionable steps that can be implemented by any website owner. As Nick says, “These will be simple suggestions that will make a big impact.”
  • With this Auction Lot, you’ll receive a free Six-Pack Membership for one month at Indy Hall, Philadelphia’s friendliest coworking community. Remember…better working starts with better coworkers!
  • Bulk up your business bibliotheque with a Giant Book Bundle from celebrated local publishers Quirk Books:
  • The Kickstarter Handbook
  • Handbook of Style
  • How Not to Write
  • Executive’s Almanac
  • Cube Chic
  • Field Guide to Luck


Estimated Auction Lot Value: $1,245

Meet The Makers

Philly Give & Get experts span a wide range of creative, business, and technology backgrounds. All Philly G&G experts provide their time on a 100% volunteer basis and are committed to the vision of our organization.

Todd Von Deak | TVD Associates

Areas of Expertise:
The Science and Art of Growing Your Membership, Organizational Best Practices, Marketing & Personal Branding

Todd is the Founder and President of TVD Associates, a consultancy focused on helping nonprofits and associations tackle their membership and marketing challenges. Todd founded the firm after 15+ years of working at a wide variety of membership organizations that ranged from the Boat Owners Association and the National MS Society to the Society of Hospital Medicine and the Solid Waste Association of North America.

Tim Wisniewski | City of Philadelphia

Areas of Expertise:
Technology, Computer Programming, Civic Engagement, Software Solutions, Starting Community-Based Organizations & Data-Driven Outreach

Tim Wisniewski is the Director of Civic Technology for the City of Philadelphia, where he focuses on civic engagement and process improvement through cheap and easy technology. With a degree in Political Science from Richmond University in London and a background in computer programming, Tim has a strong passion for leveraging technology to enhance civic engagement and empower communities – particularly among underserved neighborhoods.

SOLD! On October 10 at Johnny Brenda’s

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