Hey there fellow dogooders…

So last weekend Philly Give & Get joined over 100 fellow Millennials in Mobilize.org’s ReGenerate Philly Summit,  three-day affair at the Loews Hotel (yay PSFS!) where our fellow philanthropists and bright-siders gathered to compare notes, share ideas, and pitch our charitable notions to one another for the much-coveted Mobilize.org Fellowship.

One by one, each group took the stage and pitched their ideas to each other. The top five, voted on by the community, went on to receive a share of the $25,000 gift from Mobilize.org designed to help foster and foment positive change in Philadelphia.

Well, we’re elated to report Philly Give & Get was among those five!

(cue: party hats, confetti, solid gold dancers)

We’re so greatful to Mobilize.org and the Millennial community for their support. From everyone at Philly Give & Get – thank you.

Also: a big heap of congratulations to the other winners:

The Philadelphia Urban Creators (@phillycreator)

Monkey and the Elephant (@mandecafe)

PhillyEd Rising Leaders (@phillycorelead)

Philasoup (@PhilaSoup)

And to everyone who took part in the summit: never have we seen such an inspiring collection of creative minds, driven spirits, and kind hearts.

So much good… seriously. This city and the Millennial generation never ceases to amaze.




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