As a little reminder to you all – the expert who goes for the highest amount of money has the honor of being named Give & Get’s Most Valuable Philadelphian (MVP), will receive a hand-drawn portrait, featuring him/her sat astride the mythical creature of his/her choosing, created by the amazingly talented  Philadelphia-based artist, Mike Jackson. PLUS, they’ll get a custom-made trophy courtesy of NextFab Studio.


This year’s MVP award is sponsored by none other than the President of SEOM Interactive, Mark Kennedy. Mark spent seven years trading on the floor of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange before receiving his MBA from La Salle University and passing his certified financial analyst exam. He’s a self-professed Philly sports fanatic (note: fanatic, not Phanatic), and is a firm believer that Randall Cunningham should be inducted to the Hall of Fame… as a punter, at least.

What’s a local charity or cause that you think people should know about, and why? This may not count as local, but we are big supporters of, in Maryland. they’re a a colon cancer support organization that’s done a lot of great work.

Why is giving back to your community important to you as a local business person? We need to pay it forward to our community. I grew up in Philly. Most of my friends and family live here… so I have nothing but love for this town and its people. Philly’s been a part of my life since the start – it’s only fair I something back, which is why I’m supporting Philly Give and Get.

What are you most excited for during Philly Give & Get: Maker Edition?
It’s hard to pick. I’m anticipating a fun night overall and am excited to see it help so many people. It’s just a  good way to give back and have a good time.

What’s something you’ve always wished you knew how to make – a cake, a bookcase – and why? Probably a time machine – for so many reasons. Any of the experts know how to build a flux capacitor? :)

What’s your favorite thing about living and working in Philadelphia, and why? I love the sports season. Highs and lows. And most people we work with feel the same way. A passionate town that really has a lot of fun when teams are successful. Take a look at Big Ben in the Flyers Jersey.

As a former Philly Give & Get attendee and sponsor, any tips for the experts who will be braving the spotlight this time around? Don’t be nervous. You are out there doing something great for a lot of people. Be yourself! Be outgoing! Just get out there and have fun with it!

A huge THANK YOU to
Mark Kennedy and SEOM Interactive
for supporting Philly Give & Get!

We couldn’t do this without them.

And we can’t do it without YOU!
Sponsorships for Philly Give & Get: MAKER Edition
are still available.

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