Philly Give & Get is thrilled to announce that we’ll have a photo booth at our inaugural event on April 25th!

Sponsored by the wonderful team at Old City District, the photo booth will feature the talented duo from CJ Dawson Photography.

Thanks to Old City District, the photo booth will be FREE for all Give & Get attendees to use, and pictures will be distributed via social media immediately after the event.

Dust off your finest duds! It’s glamour-shots time!

“Old City District is happy to partner with Philly Give & Get to celebrate Philly Tech Week,” says Graham Copeland, Executive Director of Old City District.  ”We’re excited to welcome all of the technologists to Old City, and meet up with old and new friends.”

You may recognize CJ Dawson Photography as the wizards behind all of the fantastic photos featured on the Philly Give & Get website and Facebook. They’ve also provided photography services to such notable local organizations as Indy Hall, BalletX, BarCamp Philly, and TEDxPhilly.

“CJ Dawson Photography is thrilled to be involved with Philly Give & Get because they are so passionately dedicated to making a difference in Philadelphia!” says co-founder, Susan Harner.

“They’ve created a unique form of fundraising that takes advantage of all the Philly tech community (& beyond) has to offer. Our city is rich with experts whose knowledge is just waiting to be tapped, and Philly Give & Get has brought many of them together to create a very cool set of experiences. Come out & bid on them on Thursday, April 25th at National Mechanics – we’ll see you there!”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

See you there?

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