You’ve got your tickets. You’ve been reading up on all of the Experts who’ll be on the auction block. You’ve even been to the gym to keep your auction-paddle arm in peak condition.

BUT WAIT… There’s more.

Did you know that there are TWO AWARDS up for grabs at Philly Give & Get?

The MVP Award for

The Expert who goes for the highest amount of money has the honor of being named Give & Get’s MOST VALUABLE PHILADELPHIAN (MVP). The MVP gets a hand-drawn portrait featuring themselves riding the mythical beast of their choosing, which will be conceived, inked, and colored by super-talented Philadelphia artist Mike Jackson.

The MCP Award for

In addition, the Give & Getter who pledges the most to support Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory has the distinction of being named the MOST CHARITABLE PHILADELPHIAN (MCP). That fair citizen will also get two Young Friends Memberships to the Philadelphia Zoo.

Really Big, Really Awesome, Custom-Made Trophies Courtesy of PSG

PSG Oars 2Even better: both the MVP and the MCP will be awarded a custom-made trophy courtesy of sculptor Darla Jackson—really, less a trophy and more a next-level-nifty nautical work of art.

Darla, who owns the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, is an alumna Expert from last year’s MAKER edition event. Her signature cute-and-creepy style is so great, we wish we could win these trophies ourselves.


Mark Kennedy, God Among Men

logo_seom (1)Philly Give & Get only comes together because of the incredible volunteers who make it happen, and we want to thank Mark Kennedy, President of SEOM Interactive, who is the generous sponsor of this year’s MVP and MCP awards.

Mark is a Philly guy through and through: a seven-year veteran of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, a La Salle MBA, and a local sports fanatic (ask him how he feels about Randall Cunningham).

This is also Mark’s third time sponsoring this event! He says he loves Philly Give & Get because it’s a good way to give back and have a good time. (Which is kind of what we’re going for.) And as for why he continues to be involved?

“Philly’s been a part of my life since the start,” Mark tells us. “It’s only fair I give something back, which is why I’m supporting Philly Give & Get.”

Mark, we think, is exactly the kind of fella that makes this city so darn great.


If you haven’t yet, grab your tickets to Philly Give & Get: DESIGN Edition here!

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