All-Star Volunteer Team

The volunteers behind Philly Give & Get are dedicated to spreading good ideas, and helping awesome people do awesome things in the city of Philadelphia. All proceeds from our auctions go towards helping kids in Philadelphia.

Lansie Sylvia

Founder & Leader of the Pack

Lansie is is a nonprofit and fundraising professional who has worked in a variety of Philadelphia-based arts, culture, and youth education nonprofit organizations. Before receiving her M.S. in Leadership for Social Change from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice, she completed an AmeriCorps Year of Service in Providence, Rhode Island and worked at an Indian NGO in New Delhi. Occasionally, tells stories about Raj Patel.

Adam Teterus

Captain Gettin’ It Done & Director of Operations

Adam Teterus is passionate about people, and that’s no hackneyed proclamation. As Point-Man for Indy Hall in Philadelphia, Adam invests in the power of invitation: welcoming those with a shred of curiosity to participate in a uniquely Philadelphian community of movers and shakers. Working to improve universal accessibility of coworking as an open alternative, Adam works with Indy Hall cofounder Alex Hillman and cofounder of New Work City, Tony Bacigalupo, to further the abilities of those who seek to foster and develop sustainable communities around the world.

Kara LaFleur

Chief Makery Officer & General Jiggery-Pokery

Kara has worked in Philadelphia’s Arts, Culture, and Social Change communities for nearly 10 years as an active member of the region’s growing tech movement. She believes strongly in the power and strength of people coming together for the greater good and continues to learn and grow through collaborations focused on community generated change. Equal parts tough love & glittery fairy dust; she’s here to LOL, GSD, and offer the occasional reality check when necessary. A maker and a geek, Kara can usually be found making great food for the awesome geeks at Indy Hall.

Andrew Panebianco

Grand Pandandrum & Chief Copywriter

Andrew Panebianco is a copywriter at a Philly-based Ad shop where he drinks beer and devises creative ways to make advertising less evil (buy Coke). Prior to that, he inflicted piles of Romantic poetry and Shakespeare upon college freshmen and sophomores as a professor. He’s a writer, a storyteller, and an inventor of unnecessary definitions.

Arielle Brousse

Communications Maven & Ambassador of Snark

If Arielle believes in one thing, it’s the power of storytelling—and she thinks that Give & Get makes a darn good story. A Penn Social Impact Fellow and a new Board member of the Spruce Foundation, Arielle has been lucky enough to spend the last eight years accelerating the growth and development of some of Philadelphia’s most innovative arts, culture, and education nonprofits. In her free time, you might be able to find her practicing at the yoga studio, knitting or reading in Washington Square Park, or having a lot of feelings about children’s books.

Neil Bardhan

Communications Officer & Whistle Master in Chief

Neil had a whistle-filled volunteering experience with PG&G in October 2013 and wanted more, more, more. He is seen around Philly as a friendly face for a disturbing number of groups, ranging from non-profits to comedy. Neil hails from Western New York, but has also lived in Baltimore and The Netherlands. The most official hat he wears is as the Chief Everything Officer of a scientific presentation coaching firm. He would like to meet you.

Kristyn Stewart

Director of Warm Fuzzies & Charity Recipient Coordinator

Kristyn Stewart is a dynamic leader and with an extensive background in educational programming to improve outcomes for youth and families. As Director of Foundations’ Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology® (PCAT) located in the heart of Northwest Philadelphia, Kristyn oversees PCAT’s staff and programs geared towards youth and adults. Kristyn earned an M.S. in Non-Profit Leadership and Development with an emphasis on Educational Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania. She also holds a B.A. in Political Science and B.A. in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mike Jackson

Creative Mastermind & Happiness Generator

Mike makes drawings of musicians and baseball players and generally happy people (amongst many other things). He aims to make pictures that tell a story, or start a conversation. Through drawing, he’s learned that there are a lot of funny, beautiful, good things out there, and that’s what he sits with a piece of illustration board. The opportunity to contribute to the mission of Philly Give & Get through drawing was, and continues to be, a no-brainer. His work can be seen at

Karina Ambartsoumian

Gorgeousness Accelerator & Organizational Optimizer

Karina is passionate about community, sustainability, and people. As the Super Human Collider of Indy Hall and Co-Founder of the N3RD St. Farmers Market, you’ll most likely find this lady using her powers for good -organizing events for social good, curating community resources, cooking locally sources meals, drinking coffee in Old City, and making new friends. Get to know this lady and you’ll find yourself frequently getting kissed on the cheek, invited to a potluck, and learning about Eastern European culture. Karina makes all of the GIve & Get magic come together by motivating and supporting her Give and co-volunteers like a project management boss should.

Philly Give and Get

Steering Committee

The A-Team & Sponsorship Specialists

Alex Hillman, Nick Eubanks, Susan Harner, Chris Dawson & TKTK

Past Experts

100% Volunteer creative, business, and technology experts

The Doers: Alexandra Golaszewska, Becky Collins, Eric Steele, Joanna Leigh Simon, Skout Media, Johnny Bilotta, Meg Widholm, Nick Eubanks, William Stallwood, & Yasmine Mustafa.

The Makers: Bryan Mayer, Brandon H. Boulden, Chad Ludeman, Darla Jackson, David Clayton, Garrett Williams, J. Kyle Keener, Julia Blaukopf, Kara LaFleur, Meredith Rebar, Nathaniel Dodson, Peter Scarola, Sara McCorriston, Sean Martorana, Tim Wisniewski & Todd Von Deak

Expert Alumni Bios

Philly Give & Get Design Edition 2014 Experts

Philly Give & Get experts span a wide range of creative, business, and technology backgrounds. All Philly G&G experts provide their time on a 100% volunteer basis and are committed to the vision of our organization.

Little Baby's

I make Ice Cream. Really good Ice Cream. Fun Ice Cream. Weird Ice Cream. I love it because it’s good, fun and weird. Or it’s good fun and weird. Ice Cream flows through our veins here at Little Baby’s Ice Cream. Sometimes we eat it out of the top of our heads. We have a select team of Icelandic pixies that hand craft each magical batch… just kidding, me and couple of other ice cream lovers make it all ourselves.

Martin Brown | Little Baby’s Ice Cream
Areas of Expertise | Ice cream, viral videos, proper comma usage.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Ice Cream

I’m a cheerleader of possibility. I’m the founder of Public Workshop, an organization that redefines the way youth and communities participate as citizens and leaders in the design of their neighborhoods and cities. I fundamentally believe that great design, empowerment, innovation, and having fun are not mutually exclusive. A co-founder of the Department of Making + Doing, I have garnered all sorts of acclaim for designing and building fantastic things with people young and old all over the United States, and I can’t wait to create something wonderful with you.

Alex Gilliam | Public Workshop
Areas of Expertise | Building & fabrication, social impact, play.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Outdoor Oasis
Chicory Florals

We are friends with a passion for horticulture, beautifying spaces, and designing with plants. In 2014, we transformed a vacant lot in the Mantua neighborhood of Philadelphia into a cut flower garden. We were a little surprised with our success, and in the spring of 2014 we launched CHICORY, an urban flower farm and design studio. We provide floral design services for weddings and special events (in addition to finding the time to sell really beautiful bouquets at N3RD Market every Tuesday).

Erica Maust & Andrew Olson | Chicory Florals
Areas of Expertise | Horticulture; graphic design; chicken wranglin’.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Outdoor Oasis
Black Tribbles

Sci-fi, comic books, movies, video games, cartoons; it all gets tossed around by the 5-headed hairy hoard of Black Tribbles—creator/producer Len Webb aka Bat Tribble, co-producer Kennedy Allen aka Storm Tribble, Erik Darden aka Master Tribble, Randy Green aka SuperTribble and Jason Richardson aka Spider-Tribble. The team reveals untold stories of geek history, showcases new and upcoming projects, and engages in thought-provoking conversation and provide critical insight into a culture often devoid of a black influence, all with a irreverent tone that delights as it educates. A hot item on G-town Radio, iTunes, and Podomatic, the show won the Streaming Media Project of the Year honor at the 2014 Philadelphia Geek Awards. The crew regularly invites their guests and fans to find their own ‘Tribble Designation’ and take the Tribbles’ whimsical oath of allegiance into the Tribble Nation, where everyone is ‘Too Cool to be Geeks, Too Cute to be Nerds; we are Black Tribbles”.

Len Webb, Kennedy Allen, Erik Darden, Randy Green
& Jason Richardson
| Black Tribbles
Areas of Expertise | Podcasting, geek culture, nicknames.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Podcast
Donnie Felton

As a musician/composer, I’ve been active in the Philly scene since the mid-2000s, most visibly as a founding member of psych-pop band Grubby Little Hands, and as a solo performer under the moniker LMNOP. I also helped found the Philly-based non-profit record label Good Behavior. I discovered my passion for music from an early age, and spent my formative years learning to play a variety of woodwind, keyboard, percussion and string instruments, before studying music composition, theory and history at Wake Forest University.

Donnie Felton | Grubby Little Hands & Good Behavior
Areas of Expertise | Composition, production, rockin’ out.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Podcast

I am a die-hard foodie and self-trained chef who loves to cook, eat, and travel. In fact, I recently returned from a brief culinary reconnaissance mission to Berlin and Prague, where I mastered the art of quince jelly making. As the founder and owner of Spruce Hill Preserves, I use traditional, artisanal methods to produce novel, unusual products that are most definitely not your grandma’s jam. Transforming locally-sourced, seasonal produce and organic ingredients into delicious, small-batch fruit spreads is a labor of love and I want to spread that love with you!

Molly Haendler | Spruce Hill Preserves
Areas of Expertise | Canning and preserving seasonal produce, storytelling, falling down in hilariously novel ways.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own PB&J

Two years ago, after tasting smoky, spiced Haitian peanut butter for the first time, I thought: “How amazing would it be to create a sandwich menu centered around the classic, nostalgic peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” Bam! I decided to dedicate my business to nut butters, made from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients (whenever possible). I would call my fledgling company pb&jams; after the nut butter, the sandwiches, and the music I loved since childhood. pb&jams all-natural nut butters highlight the natural flavor of the nuts, while keeping the other ingredients simple. I hope you have as much fun eating them as I did creating them!

Megan Gibson | pb&jams
Areas of Expertise | Grinding all-natural nut butters, getting playful with flavor combos,awesome birthmarks.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own PB&J
Honeypie cooking

As the founder of Honeypie Cooking, I offer vibrant vegetal programs to children, families, and adults. For the last 10 years I’ve been teaching from-scratch cooking classes with a focus on accessibility and practicality. My start in the field of food was in the Bay Area and I have been so happy to bring my programs back home to Philly. Announcements and inspirations can be found on Twitter or Instagram: @honeypiecooking.

Shayna Marmar | Honeypie Cooking
Areas of Expertise | Cooking, teaching, playing dress-up.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own PB&J
Felt and Fat

Felt+Fat is a collaborative ceramic design studio founded in 2013 and based in Philadelphia. To date, we have collaborated with people like chef Eli Kulp of Fork Restaurant / High Street on Market, and chef Nick Elmi of Top Chef fame at Laurel Restaurant, among others. Our wares are currently available by custom order only, online through our website. This fall, however, we will be launching several lines for retail purchase at Art in the Age in Old City. Among other up-and-coming collaborations, we are currently working with Mark and Mark of Reanimator Coffee to produce a line of mugs for use in their shops!

Nate Mell & Wynn Bauer | Felt+Fat
Areas of Expertise | Ceramic design, custom glazes, making your coffee look really good.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Cup of Coffee
ReAnimator Coffee

At ReAnimator Coffee, we are driven by the experience of coffee: whether sourcing coffees at their origin; cupping with our broker partners; roasting new crop coffee samples; or tasting the latest batch off of our roaster. Coffee is not simply a utility, but a noble beverage, and we are constantly amazed by the connections it forges, and the creativity that it inspires. It is our purpose as a roaster to provide our customers with an outstanding coffee experience, and as much information about our coffees as they care to know. It is this curiosity and determination that continues to make us a better business.

Mark Capriotti & Mark Corpus | ReAnimator Coffee
Areas of Expertise | Sourcing and roasting coffee, the pour-over method, badass logos.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Cup of Coffee
Rachel Ford Made

I truly respect the art of fine craft. In my experiences teaching and mentoring in Philadelphia’s fashion industry, I saw a hole in finer garment making knowledge. We can only improve as designers through a higher understanding of quality in garment making. Through working at the Philadelphia Opera, I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the most talented tailors, pattern makers, and stitchers in the field. I am so excited to connect these talented people as professors with students hungry for knowledge, creating a community of like-minded folks. Here at Made, we are working to restore the worth and beauty of the phrase “Made in America”. Our goal is to give students the knowledge to make beautiful work. As they emerge as designers, Made can offer them small production and sample-making abilities, thus hiring former students as stitchers and tailors.

Rachel Ford | Made
Areas of Expertise | Fine garment making, apprenticeships, looking great in black.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Wardrobe
Violette Carb

I was taught to sew by the many talented women in my family. I studied theatre and costume design at UPenn (you can occasionally see her work onstage around town) and fashion design at Moore College of Art & Design. I design hand block printed garments for Victrix, inspired by vintage prints, street style, and the bold fashionable queers of tumblr, in comfortable, practical and eye catching garments. I love block printing because it is quick, simple, and has a wonderful handmade textural quality.

Violette Carb | Victrix
Areas of Expertise | Fashion and costume design, block printing, rocking a pencil skirt.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Wardrobe
Mat Falco Philly Beer Scene

I am the founder and publisher of a print magazine dedicated to the craft beer culture of the Philadelphia region. Despite lacking any background in publishing or journalism, I started Philly Beer Scene five years ago. My fondness for beer has turned into a passion for publishing and old-fashioned print magazines. I love what I do because, well, I get to make magazines, while drinking and talking about beer, surrounded by people who love what they do even more than I do.

Mat Falco | Philly Beer Scene
Areas of Expertise | Craft beer, homebrewing, proving print’s not dead.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Beer Tasting

I’m a blogger, photojournalist, and founder/editor of, a blog dedicated to discovering art on the streets of Philadelphia. The new series of walks I’m planning this fall are a direct response to the TEDxPhilly walks I hosted last spring (which both sold out in less than 24 hours). The walks are a way to bring the photos on my blog/Instagram to life, in a way: to connect people interested in street art and graffiti with that art in its space. The tours explore some of Philly’s most vibrant neighborhoods with the aim of discovering and discussing the many types of work, from varying artists, that exist in those spaces.

Conrad Benner | Streets Dept
Areas of Expertise | Street art, photography, social media for social good.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Philadelphia Walking Tour
Jenn Hensell

I’m a fiery redhead (who is naturally a blonde), and a born Jersey girl. I grew up “across the Ben,” but I have Philly in my heart and history in my blood. Went to Washington & Jefferson College in the Pittsburgh area. Yes, my college mascots were two guys in white wigs! Came back to Philly to get my M.A. in Museum Studies. Happily worked at the city history museum but have come outside for some fresh air as a tour guide. I have an obsession for history and all things Philly, especially the food, and I love sharing! When not giving a tour, I’m either living as a mermaid by clocking countless miles in the pool, talking someone’s ear off about whatever my latest passion is, or haunting the halls of Philadelphia’s rich and ample museums and libraries.

Jenn Hensell | Free Tours By Foot
Areas of Expertise | History, finding good food, giving good directions
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Philadelphia Walking Tour
Austin Seraphin

I became blind at birth. I love to program computers, meditate, and cook vegetarian food. I helped design an award-winning touch tour at the University of Pennsylvania. I speak around the city (and around the world!) about accessibility and technological issues.

Austin Seraphin | iOS Accessibility Consultant
Areas of Expertise | Computer programming, tech accessibility, tasty vegetarian food.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own Philadelphia Walking Tour
Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory

Our team—Program Director Victoria Guidi, Artist-in-Residence Jesus Castro, and Science Education Director Patrick McGettigan—are the perfect match to help you create an urban on-water adventure! We represent the traditions of wooden boat building, sailing, and aquatic sciences, a triumvirate of expertise that make us the most awesome, seaworthy guides for your river trek. At the Boat Factory we get to share our love of the outdoors and wooden boats with our apprentices every day. It’s the greatest job ever, and we can wait to share all of this with you.

Victoria Guidi, Jesus Castro & Patrick McGettigan | Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory
Areas of Expertise | Maritime arts, urban education, tying elaborate knots.
Auction Lot | Design Your Own River Adventure

A special THANK YOU to the AMAZING Expert Alumnus of Philly Give & Get

We couldn’t have done any of this without their generous support, amazing energy and passionate love for what they do!