Philly Give & Get experts span a wide range of creative, business, and technology backgrounds. All Philly G&G experts provide their time on a 100% volunteer basis and are committed to the vision of our organization.
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Philly Give & Get 2013 – MAKER Edition Experts

The Butcher

Bryan Mayer left the world of music and walked into a newly opened grocer in Brooklyn, NY. He quickly found his place behind the fish and meat counter. It wasn’t long after that this grocer became one of the few whole animal butcher shops and sustainable fish counters in NYC. Bryan then found himself heading up north to Fleisher’s Grass-fed and Organic Meats where he served as head butcher and instructor of their butcher training program. Bryan is now in Philadelphia consulting with farms and CSA’s (PhillyCowShare, Wyebrook Farm) He’s preparing, with chef and Philly restauranteur Michael Pasquarello, to open Kensington Quarter,their butcher shop, kitchen, bar and classroom working with local, sustainable farms.

Bryan Mayer | Kensington Quarter
Whole animal butchering | CookingMaker Auction Lot | The Butcher: Bryan!

The Fabricator

I manager NextFab Studio’s Laser Process | 3d Printing and 3d Scanning, with whom I have been with since 2009. I also provide product and graphic design for our clients.

Brandon H. Boulden | NextFab Studio
Areas of Expertise:
Additive Manufacturing, 3D Imaging, Design, Fabrication, Laser Process
Maker Auction Lot | The Sculptors: Darla & Brandon!

The Builder

I used to be a boring engineer. Now I develop cool homes in Philadelphia’s urban neighborhoods that are super energy efficient, modern in style and pretty affordable for us average folks not making 6 figures. I have a lot more fun now that I did in corporate hell.

Chad Ludeman | Postgreen Homes
Green building and design | Marketing and Branding for startups (not tech).Maker Auction Lot | The Builder: Chad!

The Sculptor

I’m a sculptor who makes cute yet creepy animal sculptures. I also own the Philadelphia Sculpture Gym, a membership based workshop for artists and makers of things. I like getting mail, eating good food, and saying “have your people call my people”. I dislike slugs, nickels and zombies.

Darla Jackson | Philadelphia Sculpture Gym
Sculpture- animal sculpture, figure sculpture, general clay modeling, mold making, welding, or casting in metal, plaster or resin | Making connections between people! Giving art related advice! Critiquing artwork!Maker Auction Lot | The Sculptors: Darla & Brandon!

The Engraver

As head of programs at Breadboard in the University City Science Center, David Clayton plays at the intersection of art and technology. Breadboard explores creative applications of technology in art. He helps organize the regular Ignite Philly events at Johnny Brenda’s in Fishtown.

David Clayton | Department of Making + Doing
Laser Cutting & Engraving at the Department of Making & Doing | Computer controlled Vinyl Cutting, Smoking MeatsMaker Auction Lot | The Engraver & the Painter: David & Sean!

The Brewer

I started out drinking the same sort of thing you did, Lionshead, Old Milwakee, Yeungling etc. I thought, for quite some time, that I didn’t really like beer. Thanks to the devoted efforts of some truly inspirational drinkers (Meredith among them), I truly understand that I in fact really like beer. Now I approach beer like a 19th century British explorer. I find new ones, take pictures, make notes and collect the trophies for like-minded explorers to “ooh” and “ahh” over. I’ve been managing small businesses for several years and am finally striking out on my own. Bringing the wild safari of craft beer to the masses.

Garrett Williams | Home Brewed Events
Homebrewing, Technology | Beer TastingMaker Auction Lot | The Brewers: Garrett & Meredith!

The Photographer

Kyle has been one of the nations premier photojournalists for decades. The former Inquirer staff photographer moved back to Philly from Detroit several months ago to open KeenerVision Studios LLC. He has entered the world of fine are creating sculptural lamps out of recycled industrial artifacts that can been seed at his Fishtown gallery space and photo studio. Kyle has taught photography, art direction, and creative brainstorming techniques to groups across the country.

Kyle will be happy to help you improve your photography. He will offer a day of education and experiences custom designed to your specific interests. If you like he will take you out for an on location photo shoot. So come along for an exclusive trip into his creative process that is guaranteed to be both fun and informative.

J. Kyle Keener | KeenerVision Studios LLC
Kyle’s 11-year-old niece said “Uncle Kyle can make anything out of anything.” A perfect description of his artistic life. He is an experienced visual problem solver. In particular you can make a lamp with Kyle’s help. He can help you with interior design or simply enhance your ability be be creative.Maker Auction Lot | The Photographers: Nate & J. Kyle!

The Crafter

Julia Blaukopf is a photographer, artist and designer. She creates social art and focuses on visual storytelling through photographs, mixed media works, jewelry, large-scale fabric scrims, as well as photo-based tiles, wallpaper, window panels, and environmental installations.

Her focus is on emblems that compose the everyday; she chronicles the lives of workers, farmers, and families, blurring the line between what it means to document real life and create fine art. She has photographed for a women’s empowerment organization in Ghana, a reforestation project in Kenya, and collaborated with artists and organizations alike in Lithuania, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Sri Lanka and the United States.
Her photographs have been exhibited internationally, in Munich, Holland and Copenhagen, as well as nationally, in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Portland, Oregon. In 2010, Julia launched Julia Pearl Designs LLC, an arts-products venture that pushes the boundaries to re- envision the possibilities for social art and photo-based products. Most recently, Blaukopf completed a photo-based wallpaper commission to create custom works for a Philadelphia restaurant, Goat Hollow.

Julia Blaukopf | Julia Blaukopf & Julia Pearl LLC, Imprinted Images
Business in the art of photography and photo-based design and the innovative ways of re-envisioning interior and exterior spaces in collaboration with architects, interior designers, public art consultants, and clients | Creative marketing and writing for PRMaker Auction Lot | The Crafters: Sara & Julia!

The Feast Maker

With a background in marketing communications, grassroots outreach strategies, publicity & community engagement, Kara LaFleur believes strongly in the power and strength of people coming together for the greater good and now channels that same energy toward making good food for great people. Specializing in creating inventive menus that are seasonal, inspired by what looks good in the market & the community for which they are made. Kara provides delicious, healthy, nutritionally diverse, crowd pleasing meals for the N3rd Street masses. She taught herself how to cook the same way she taught herself how to write code, by making some cool stuff, breaking some stuff, and having a whole lot of (deliciously ridiculous) fun along the way.

Kara has a tendency to Laugh Out Loud. She enjoys changing the world, local sustainable business practices, food, nature, adventure, Philly, geeks, helping others, a well made Old Fashioned, and glitter; …so much glitter.

Kara LaFleur | Independent Chef
Making family style community meals | Marketing & Communications, specializing in community outreach & organizing.Maker Auction Lot | The Baker & The Feast Maker: Peter & Kara!

The Brewer

My interest in craft beer started when I was attending Penn State University and visiting Zeno’s Pub on a regular basis. I began reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts, and learning everything I could about beer and brewing. I have been homebrewing for over 3 years and enjoy pushing the boundaries of beer styles. I helped with Special Events and Concerts at the Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg for over two years and I also worked at Troegs Brewing Company in their Tasting Room and Special Events. These opportunities have expanded my knowledge about how to host tastings and unique events with beer. I am always looking for a new class, book, event or person to learn more about beer!

Meredith Rebar | Home Brewed Events
Homebrewing | Beer TastingMaker Auction Lot | The Brewers: Garrett & Meredith!

The Photographer

I am a creative portrait photographer serving immediately the Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington D.C. areas and I am available worldwide! I’ll photograph almost anything that moves and even some stuff that doesn’t move! I am the second oldest of eight children. I like to be intelligently different. When “baggy” pant were in style, I wore biker shorts. I love great music. Especially when I get to define what “great” is. I don’t wear a watch… I decide what time it is. I’ve played the guitar since 2004 and can strum a chord or two. Someday I will get my pilot’s license and fly around the world; I think I’ll try to find a shortcut. I am a baseball freak. Being on cloud 9 isn’t good enough, I’m looking for a cloud 10. I have the short-term memory of a 95 year-old man. I just talk and I tend to talk a lot. I try to listen too. I once made a weeping willow laugh. I like my photo shoots to be tighter than two coats of paint.

Nathaniel Dodson | Endy Photography
Movie Style Portrait Photography | Professional Portrait Retouching (Photoshop)Maker Auction Lot | The Photographers: Nate & J. Kyle!

The Baker

I graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts as well as Food Service Management. After graduating, I moved to Virginia, scooped up a girlfriend, moved to the Caribbean and then Chicago before settling back in the Philadelphia region. We now have two daughters ages 8 and 4.

Peter Scarola | R2L Restaurant
I will teach either the basics of baking and pastry or any specific item that the student requests | I can also teach some healthy items, either savory or sweet, for a health conscious individual.Maker Auction Lot | The Baker & The Feast Maker: Peter & Kara!

The Crafter

SARA MCCORRISTON is originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA in Theatrical Design and Technology from the University of the Arts in 2009. Sara is a fibers, installation, sculpture and mixed media artist, as well as a costume designer. She is co-founder of Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia and also works as a curator for InLiquid Art + Design. Her recent visual works have been displayed at various galleries and venues around Philadelphia including: The Ice Box Project Space at The Crane Arts Building, Trust Gallery, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, URBN Gallery at 543, Broad Street Ministry, Paradigm Gallery, TrickGo Boutique, Masthead Print Studio and WAG. Sara has designed for local theater and dance companies including: Brian Sander’s JUNK, Bright Light Theatre Company, Kun-Yang Lin Dancers, Group Motion Dance Company and MIRO Dance Theatre.

Sara McCorriston | Paradigm Gallery + Studio | Sara McCorriston
Crocheting OR Sculptural Collage (whichever would be most appealing) | Sewing, but I only have one sewing machine | Fabric dying techniquesMaker Auction Lot | The Crafters: Sara & Julia!

The Painter

Visual artist. Designer by trade, artist by nature, painter by passion, collaborator by desire, creative by DNA.Spectator of life through a lens. Dresser of t-shirtless torsos, bijoux-less bodies. Decorator of people, decorator of places. Enhancer of lifestyles. Former business owner. Brand designer, marketing maker, identity describer.

Shown in galleries, featured in publications, commissioned by passionate individuals. Collaborator with like-minded forces of awesome. Live to create. Create to inspire. Constantly explore. Become versatility. Draw life blood and humility through outside appreciation. Job always well done, because there is no other way.

Life without art is none at all, and I intend on a long, long life.

Sean Martorana | So many things…
Creativity in personal and business ventures with the ability to market yourself | Marketing, branding and Identity Design. I have also created experience events in multiple genres including gallery shows, concerts and food pairings all while keeping the creative and artistic process the forefront.Maker Auction Lot | The Engraver & the Painter: David & Sean!

The Shaker

Tim Wisniewski is the Director of Civic Technology for the City of Philadelphia, where he focuses on civic engagement and process improvement through cheap and easy technology. With a degree in Political Science from Richmond University in London and a background in computer programming, Tim has a strong passion for leveraging technology to enhance civic engagement and empower communities – particularly among underserved neighborhoods.

Tim Wisniewski | City of Philadelphia
Learning about or touring an organization/business and making recommendations on free or very-low-cost software to solve or improve business processes; similar to what I do at the City. A bit like IT Consulting but without all the money | Starting a small community organization (like a civic association) is difficult – and even harder to reach residents and keep them engaged. I’ve done this several times, and found technology to make it a lot easier. I can show you how to create a web site yourself, how to send email and text message blasts for reminders, and how to use data to drive your outreach — all without being anything of a techie.Maker Auction Lot | The Mover & The Shaker: Todd & Tim!

The Mover

Todd is the Founder and President of TVD Associates, a consultancy focused on helping nonprofits and associations tackle their membership and marketing challenges. Todd founded the firm after 15+ years of working at a wide variety of membership organizations that ranged from the Boat Owners Association and the National MS Society to the Society of Hospital Medicine and the Solid Waste Association of North America.

In his spare time, Todd is an adjunct profession in the business school at Drexel University. He is also the proud father to a 2 year old daughter who fortunately looks more like her mom.

Todd Von Deak | TVD Associates
Talking about the science and art of growing your membership – aka, how to get them and keep them. We’ll talk a bit about best practices, what the latest research says about why people join and try to tie it all back to whatever is on your mind and the organizations you are hoping to grow | tennis
personal branding
Maker Auction Lot | The Mover & The Shaker: Todd & Tim!

Philly Give & Get – Philly Tech Week 2013 Experts

Alexandra Golaszewska

Owner, Alexandra Go, LLC

Alexandra is an expert in big-picture marketing. She helps clients to understand their target markets, see opportunities they didn’t realize they had and figure out how to reach their people. Social media is a core component of this work, but she also has lots of other techniques in her toolbox.

Diving into social media is a lot like learning a language. You can hire a translator-for-life, or commit to becoming fluent. Whichever course you choose, it’s about the evolution of your business identity — your image, in action. Your message, in motion. Ready to dive? Consider Alexandra your coach, interpreter and community guide…

Expertise: Social Media & Online Branding |
Alexandra’s Auction Lot: Coming Soon!

Alex Hillman

Co-Founder, Indy Hall

Alex Hillman a global thought leader of community building. He is co-founder of Philadelphia’s Indy Hall, one of the world’s most revered coworking communities, and Citizens of Industry, a boutique collaboration consultancy. Hillman’s other projects include work with Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh’s celebrated “Downtown Project” in Las Vegas.

Expertise: Community Building / Coworking |
Alex’s Auction Lot: Coming Soon!

Becky Collins

Sustainability Program Manager,

Waste Management Recycle America

After escaping the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and the entertainment industry, Becky Collins moved to NYC to pursue a second degree in Urban Environmental Planning. She spends a lot of mornings rising at 4am to audit the trash and recycling of some of Philadelphia’s most famed sport stadiums and most recently our beloved public transportation provider.

Expertise: Sustainability / Recycling / Waste Management | View LinkedIn Profile
Preview Becky’s Lot: Philadelphia Theatre Co & Sustainability

Eric Steele

Web Developer

Eric makes the Internet. Well, at least part of it. If you have an idea for the next great thing, Eric is the guy who can turn it into reality. By day, Eric does web product consulting and development. By night, Eric is in a sketch comedy group that performs in the basement of his mom’s house, called American Breakfast.

Expertise: Product Development |
Preview Eric’s Auction Lot: Franklin Mortgage & Product Development

Joanna Leigh Simon

Co-Founder, Skout Media

Philly native…she left for a while and now she’s back! Daily grind is mostly content creation and strategy, creative direction, and project production at Skout Media, a boutique production company started in 2011 with her two partners.

Expertise: Video Production |
Preview Skout Media’s Lot: Historic Philadelphia & Video Production

Johnny Bilotta

Owner, GUIwerks

Johnny is an experienced visual tactician across many design disciplines. His career has spanned over 15 years in the creative arts, working in advertising, 3d design, web design and software interface design. Currently he is the Principal of GUIwerks, a design firm specializing in human computer interaction and user interface design working out of Indy Hall.

Johnny’s greatest strengths lie in his ability to meld the skills of a user interface designer, user experience designer and art director all into one. He prides himself in a Bauhaus approach to design, believing that form should follow function in the projects he expedites. As a design consultant for a number of companies, his ability to adapt to many different demographics makes him a versatile creative professional.

Johnny is a founding member of the Philadelphia coworking space Independents Hall and formerly held a position as an adjunct-professor at the University of The Arts in Philadelphia.

Expertise: User Interface Design / User Experience |
Preview Johnny’s Lot:Eastern State Penitentiary & UX Design

Meg Widholm

Owner, Snack Like a Local

As a wee lass, Meg grew up in the belly of New York State. After much cross-country travel, living in four states and 13 years of computer programming, networking, and managing, she woke up one morning in Philly with a desire to do more. She started her local Philly snack company to bridge the concept of Farm to Snack and make local food more accessible to on-the-go people. She is currently training for a half-triathlon which she loves because she gets to enjoy the outdoors.

Expertise: Local Business Entrepreneurship |
Meg’s Auction Lot: Arden Theatre & Entrepreneurship

Nick Eubanks

VP of Digital Strategy, W.L. Snook & Associates, Inc.

Nick is a technical founder and start up investor who loves cycling, snowboarding, and french toast. He is currently the VP of Digital Strategy at W.L. Snook & Associates, a Partner at Factor Media, and the organizer of Philly’s most popular user experience meetup, Shame On UX.

Expertise: Digital Marketing / SEO |
Preview Nick’s Lot: The Barnes & SEO

William Stallwood

Game Developer, Cipher Prime

William Stallwood is the Founder and Creative Director of Cipher Prime, a multi-award winning game studio in Old City, Philadelphia. He is an expert on developing games for OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and even the PS3 and PSP. William is also a powerful community builder, and Cipher Prime is widely recognized for being one of the most innovative, creative, and collaborative game studios in the nation. Cipher Prime also hosts weekly dev nights, monthly game jam competitions, and co-runs the Philly Unity3d User-group.

Expertise: Indie Game Design |
Preview BJ’s Lot: Circus School & Game Design

Yasmine Mustafa

Founder, NetLine Corporation

Until 2011, Yasmine was the Founder & CEO of 123LinkIt, a blog advertising company in Philadelphia that was acquired in November 2011.

Yasmine is currently a Product Marketing Manager by day where she helps build new tools for publishers to monetize their traffic. In her free time, she’s involved with Girl Develop It Philly and, two organizations that aim to help women get into technology.

Expertise: Affiliate Marketing / Entrepreneurship |
Preview Yasmine’s Lot: 1812 Productions & Affiliate Marketing